How to keep your heart health

How to keep your heart health: basic recommendations
Diseases of the cardiovascular system are still the leading cause of death in many countries. 17 million people die of the cardiovascular system diseases every year in the world.

According to the data of the World Health Organization, the life expectancy would be by 10 years longer on the planet if the cardiovascular diseases were not so common. The main peculiarity of the cardiovascular diseases is a latent form, and a person does not feel any changes for a long time.

According to the statistics, more than 75% of death by the cardiovascular diseases happen in countries with low and average income level. But it does not mean that more people have a healthy heart in the developed countries. The level of expenses on the treatment is higher, and it helps to cope with complications.
One of the main causative factors is an arterial hypertension. This is a very tricky disease because it mostly have a latent form. A person can notice the symptoms only during the unexpected increase of the arterial pressure.

Most of us do not control the rates of the arterial pressure, and it is a huge mistake. The cardiovascular system is exposed to the permanent load during the chronic form of this disease, so that it is exhausted. It has been proved that the control of the pressure values may prevent the development of the premature stroke by 80%. Therefore, doctor recommend people at a group risk to regularly take drugs to lower and control the arterial pressure.
One of these drugs is Lisinopril. This is a highly-effective and safe medication that help to reduce load to the heart and risk of stroke and infarction. There are many medications such as Lisinopril, and every patient is recommended to change the drug from time to time in order to avoid addiction. In any case, the pharmaceutical market now offers a wide choice of products for the treatment and prevention of the cardiovascular diseases, and people with various income level can use this offer.

However, the arterial hypertension is not the only cause of the heart disease. People with pancreatic diabetes, high cholesterol level, with mitral valve prolapse are at a risk group. According to the results of the clinical studies, about 90% of population are at a risk group. According to the WHO data, just 8-14% of cases go without pharmaceutical treatment.
As a rule, a change of ecology and lifestyle can solve the death rate by the cardiovascular diseases.
Refusal of tobacco, alcohol, abuse drugs lowers a risk of infarction and stroke, tachycardia
Following a balanced diet and controlling body mass decreases a risk of myocardial infarction, ischemic heart disease, and arterial hypertension
Everyday physical activity reduces a risk of arrhythmia, tachycardia, and stroke
Everyday use of at least five fruit and vegetables, reduced consumption of salt also help to prevent infarction and stroke
Sometimes, medications are a vital necessity but in most cases we can keep our health and heart. If you want to start a new life and improve the cardiovascular system, change your life now.