How To Buy Seroquel (Quetiapine) Online no Prescription

A lot of people postpone the treatment of the psychotic disorders because they cannot buy Seroquel in time due to the absence of prescription or a high cost of the drug in the city pharmacies. In fact, absolutely any person can buy Seroquel without leaving the house. Online pharmacy is ready to help you at any time, and the order may be placed in any country.

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Buying Seroquel online, you may wonder: whey are pills cheap? The answer is simple. Pricing of medications in the online pharmacies differs from the common pricing. First, Generic Seroquel you buy online is supplied from India.

Today medications from India are considered one of the best in the world. The most advanced manufacturing equipment is located here, and world-known medications are synthesized by the original formula. In fact, Generic Seroquel from India is the same analogue of the drug produced by AstraZeneca company.

Generic Seroquel contains the active ingredient Quetiapine. In order to save on the clinical studies, the Indian pharmaceutical companies buy the original chemical formula of the drug and create an analogue. Due to the reduced expenses during the production, a final cost of Generic Seroquel from India is lower.

Secondly, the Indian companies do not spend big sums of money for promotion and advertising of the product.

About 70% of any drug cost is a cost of the brand

If this extra charge is removed, the drug is by 2-3 times cheaper. Therefore, the Indian Seroquel is supplied under the name Generic Seroquel. This way, everybody requiring a quality and proper pharmaceutical therapy can buy Seroquel and start an antipsychotic therapy.

Seroquel will change your life

Many diseases affecting the brain such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorders and schizoaffective disorders are developed as a result if imbalance of certain chemical agents in the human brain. The clinical manifestations of these diseases may cause discomfort.

The traditional neuroleptics are now the basic method of the pharmacotherapy of schizophrenia. Many studies show the undeniable advantage of the drug in comparison with placebo and psychotherapy not only during reduction of the acute attacks, but also during a long-term maintenance therapy of patients with schizophrenia. These drugs help to reduce relapses and acute conditions, prolong remissions, improve quality life and increase the level of the social and labour adaptation of patients.

A need in the use of the neuroleptics for the long-term treatment of the patients with schizophrenia does not cause doubts, but the long-term use has some issues. For example, the classical neuroleptics often cause the side effects, the so called neuroleptic-induced extrapyramidal disorders. These side effects cause discomfort and complicate the process of treatment of the psychoneurotic disorder. However, more and more atypical neuroleptics such as Seroquel are used for the past years.

Nowadays, atypical neuroleptics are drugs that do not cause or normally do not cause extrapyramidal side effects.

“Seroquel is a drug of choice in the treatment of schizophrenia and bipolar disorders”

An advantage of the drug is a high level of the pharmacological safety and a good tolerance besides the high therapeutic activity.

Basic therapeutic characteristics of Seroquel:

  • Antipsychotic action
  • Action on the negative disorders
  • Action on the cognitive functions
  • Action on the depressive symptomatology
  • Anti-relapse action

The classical antipsychotic products have a severe sedative effect but Seroquel does not have it. A moderate sedative effect may be useful and desirable result in patients at the beginning of the therapy. The drug does not cause a severe sleepiness, and therefore there are no negative effects related to the sedative action of the drug.

Seroquel does not cause obesity

Many patients state that the use of the antipsychotic products is often accompanied by the body weight gaining and metabolic disorders. It may be caused by a change of the hormone concentration. Seroquel does not cause such effect. The body mass increase may be insignificant or pass without metabolic disorders. Therefore, doctors recommend obesigenic patients Seroquel or patient having pancreatic diabetes and high cholesterol level.

A mechanism of the action of Seroquel consists in the recovery of the chemical balance in the brain, so that the processes are regulated in the central nervous system. The activity of neurons is slightly reduced under the action of Seroquel, a psycho-emotional state is stabilized.

Due to these characteristics, Seroquel is considered one of the best drugs for the treatment of the psycho-emotional disorders and is recommended to treat the organic affections of the brain, depressive disorders and schizophrenia all over the world.

The clinical studies have proved that the efficiency of Seroquel achieves more than 79% in the treatment of schizophrenia.

Dosing and Recommendations

Seroquel is produced in pills for the oral use. The drug is taken 1-2 times per day, and therefore you will not have complications with a dosing control. If you decided to order Seroquel without prescription, do not neglect the precautions and read the instruction for the use. Even if you cannot use a qualified aid of your doctor, you can use a free consultation of a pharmacist in the online pharmacy. A pharmacist will not make you a diagnosis but s/he will tell you how to take Seroquel without prescription and what dose should be taken to have the maximal effect.

If you are new to this and start to take Seroquel, follow the recommended scheme:

  • The first day – a dose of 50 mg once
  • The second day – a dose of 100 mg once
  • The third day – a dose of 200 mg once or divided into two
  • The fourth day – a dose of 300 mg once or twice

Starting from the fourth day, a dose should be effective, and is usually from 300 to 450 mg. Most patients take the whole daily dose at once and do not have any troubles. But if it is not convenient to take the whole dose, it can be divided into 2 parts and taken with the interval of 8-10 hours.

A daily dose of Seroquel 450 mg may be weak during severe types of schizophrenia or bipolar disorder. In these cases, it is allowed to increase the dose up to 750 per day. This is the maximally allowable dose within a day, and it may be taken without a medical help. But it is better to take such high dose for a short period. A long-term use of Seroquel 750 mg per day may cause side effects.

Special Recommendations

  • Old people should start the treatment from the minimal dose of 25 mg per day and increase the dose not more than by 25 mg every day. A daily dose may be lower for old patients, and therefore it is not necessary to follow the standard recommendations
  • The active ingredient quetiapine is intensively metabolized in the liver. So patients with hepatic failure should be careful during the use of the drug Seroquel. These patients should lower the dose twice
  • Seroquel is allowed during the first and the second term of pregnancy only if the benefit is higher the risks. The use of Seroquel is contraindicated in the third term because it may cause disorders of fetus
  • There are data about excretion of Seroquel with breast-milk, and it means that the drug may penetrate into the baby’s body. according to these data, the use of the drug is impossible during the breast-feeding

Buy Generic Seroquel online   

In spite of some prohibitions, Seroquel is considered one of the safest drugs for the treatment of schizophrenia. Following the dosing and recommendations of doctors, it is possible to achieve good results in 1-2 months without side effects.

But if you decided to order Seroquel, make sure that the drug is not contraindicated. A cost of the pills or an opportunity to buy Seroquel without prescription is not a criterion. The main criterion to choose the drug is a good tolerance. If you have any contraindications or diseases that may be increased under the action of Seroquel, it is better to avoid its use. Why to harm your body in order to treat schizophrenia?

If you do not have any contraindications, you can order Seroquel without leaving the house. It is more convenient to buy Seroquel in the online pharmacy. It takes several minutes and is more convenient.

A prescription is not required if you want to buy Generic Seroquel. If you have already taken this drug, you have probably are tired of the medical examinations every 2-3 weeks. The therapy is not changed, and a doctor may not prescribe several packs with the pills at once. Now it is not a problem.

Seroquel may be ordered in an unlimited number in the online pharmacy. Moreover, there is an opportunity to get a discount if you buy Seroquel without prescription (2-3 packs). This discount completely covers the expenses for the shipping, and as a result, a final cost of the purchase will be by several times cheaper, than in the traditional pharmacies in the city. Just imagine that you can buy Seroquel without prescription and save money.