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An unexpected loss of erection may become a serious challenge for a man. First of all, he may develop a feeling of inferiority and lower a self-esteem. Secondly, a partner may fall into disenchantment into this man. In order to avoid it, it is enough to take a pill of Viagra before every sexual intercourse. If you are not confident in your strength by 100%, we recommend you to order Viagra and use all advantages of the drug.
Viagra one-click-order
10-15 years ago, a man had to spend much time in order to receive a pack of Viagra. First, the medications was for sale by prescription only, and secondly, not all pharmacies had enough pills. A demand for Viagra was huge, and men had to stand in lines.
Buying Viagra took much time and caused inconvenience. A man had to share his delicate secret with pharmacist and people who were standing in the pharmacy. And so, men had stress and often refused from buying Viagra.
Nowadays, it is as easy to buy Viagra as to order on Amazon. You can go to the site of the international online pharmacy, select 1-2 or more packages of cheap Viagra and place an order with shipping. Buying Viagra online is simple, so that you will need 2-3 minutes to place an order.
Buying Viagra online has many undeniable advantages:
– Complete anonymity of customer
– Fast delivery all over the world
– Pharmacy works 24/7 without holidays
– Low prices
– Bonuses, discounts and gifts for regular customers
Do you remember when you have received a pack of Viagra completely free of charge in the city pharmacy? The answer is obvious – never. The owners of the pharmacy chains like profits, and they do not offer discounts and do not give Viagra free of charge or with a discount at 50%.
Special offers and discounts are not a surprise in the online pharmacy.
– First, you receive 10% off for all order after your first order
– Secondly, buying a big pack of Viagra, a discount may be 50-60%, and a customer is given 4-10 Viagra pills free of charge as a bonus
You may not worry that a shipping of Viagra to your country will be expensive. A common shipping of Viagra by the regular international post office is $30 regardless of country you live.
“Buying Viagra online you can save more than $100 from one order”
Therefore, even if you have to pay for the shipment, a purchase of Viagra online will be still cheaper than in the traditional city pharmacies.
Key characteristics of Viagra
According to the estimations of the international experts in the field of medicine and pharmaceutics, Viagra is the best product to prevent the erectile dysfunction.
“The efficiency of Viagra achieves 98%”
The main weapon in the struggle with the erectile dysfunction is a recovery of the natural physiological processes. The erectile dysfunction is not a single disease. This disease occurs because of the disorder in the body. These are vascular diseases, mental disorders, temporal neurological or hormonal disorders.
Of course, a pill cannot set the work of the entire body. But the main advantage of Viagra is an improvement of the erectile function regardless of a cause of the erectile dysfunction. The ingredient in Viagra is responsible for the improvement of the erection and is called Sildenafil. This ingredient temporarily restores natural biochemical and physiological processes that influence on the strength and length of the erection.
The improvement of the erection under the action of Viagra happens during the natural sexual arousal. The entire process may be divided into stages:
– Sexual stimulation when a level of the sexual arousal grows
– A release of hormones and ingredients dilating the blood vessels into the blood
– The increased activity of the ingredients under the action of Viagra
– A significant dilation of the blood vessels and improvement of the blood circulation in the penis
– An appearance of hard and long-term erection
A man will feel an intensive blood flow to the tissues of the penis in an hour after the use of the pill, and then a sexual intercourse may be started.
“Viagra action lasts for 4 hours”
The only drawback of Viagra is probably a short-term duration of the action. The effect does not last all night long. The action of the pill is gradually reduced in 4 hours, and Sildenafil stops stimulating the blood circulation in the penis in 5-6 hours.
The Viagra action is temporal but it gives several advantages:
– Sildenafil does not cause an addiction
– The action goes without side effects
– The dose should not be increased in some time
Yes, every third man at the age of over 40 has the erectile dysfunction. That is why, Viagra is the most popular medication. But according to the clinical studies, Sildenafil has broader action.
What is Viagra taken for?
Viagra and, more precisely Sildenafil is a great product during prophylaxis and treatment of prostatitis. The blood congestion in the pelvic organs favors an attack of the inflammatory process of the prostatic gland.
Taking Viagra, the blood circulation is improved in that zone, and it reduces an inflammation. Therefore, if you have a healthy erection but you are at a risk group, do not neglect the blue pills.
Pulmonary hypertension.
This disease is characterized by the intensive increase of the pressure in the arteries of the lungs leading to the development of such symptoms as shortness of breath, dizziness, and fast fatigue. The disease is diagnosed in more than 150 000 people all over the world.
If an adequate treatment is absent, the average length of the patient’s life is less than 3 years. Patients taking Sildenafil have had the decrease of the pressure in the pulmonary trunk and improvement of other functional values of the heart activity. The length and quality of lives in these patients has significantly increased after the therapy.
Viagra vs Viagra Generic
If you are interested in buying cheap Viagra, you should pay attention to Generic Viagra. Generics win the pharmaceutical market according to a plan, and nobody is surprised at the cheap Indian pills. Almost every popular brand name has its Indian analogue with the same pharmacological characteristics.
Generic is an exact copy of a medical product and is produced in accordance with the original chemical formula. Sildenafil citrate is the base of Generic Viagra. A pill of Generic Viagra has the same amount of Sildenafil as in the brand Viagra, and therefore there are no differences between them.
A difference of the Indian analogue consists in a cost. Using the existing ingredient, the pharmaceutical companies save money. They do not spend million dollars on the studies and testing. They take the explored ingredient and produce medication on its basis. A trading name of the drug does not influence on its therapeutic characteristics, and therefore Generic Viagra acts as the original but it costs cheaper.
Buying Generic Viagra is simple because a prescription or another permission of a doctor is not required. You just go to the site of the internet pharmacy and place an order for the delivery of the cheap Generic Viagra online.
If someone tell you that brand Viagra is better, it is not true. You never see the difference between the original pills and analogues, if Generic is produced in accordance to all international standards.
To avoid fakes, buy cheap Generic Viagra in the reliable internet pharmacies with reputation and reviews.
Instruction for the use
You can order Viagra and Generic Viagra without prescription, the rules for the use are identical.
Viagra 50 mg Viagra 100 mg
Dose timing 1 hours before sexual intercourse 45 minutes before sexual intercourse
Length of action 4 hours 4-5 hours
How often to take? Once in 18-10 hours Once in 24 hours
Restrictions • Men under 18 years old
• Acute myocardial infarction
• Heart failure • Men older 65 years old
• Men under 18 years old
• Men with any heart diseases

– Take Viagra before sexual intercourse only
– Do not consume fatty meals within 3-4 hours before the use of the pills
– Do not consume alcohol within entire day before taking Viagra
If you are taking medications for the treatment of the cardiovascular diseases on a regular basis, contact your cardiologist before taking Viagra and find out whether Sildenafil interacts with these medications.
For example: organic nitrates that are used in the treatment of breast pang are strictly contraindicated for the use with Viagra. Their interaction causes side effects and even death.
Buy Viagra at a low cost
According to the official statistics, Pfizer company sold Viagra in the amount of more than 1,5 million dollars in 2016. Every fifth man older 35 years old has bought or regularly buys this drug to improve the erectile function.
These numbers are not exact because this is the official data about brand Viagra. According to the marketing studies, the sales results of cheap Generic Viagra online is not less. Men understand that buying Viagra online the same their money and can spend them on other needs.
The internet pharmacies offer very beneficial conditions to buy Viagra without prescription. But the key advantages have been and will be a low cost of the pills.
To guy cheap Viagra, no need to leave the house, distract from work or postpone the trip or party. Order Viagra online by means of your smartphone. You should just have a bank card and enter your home address correctly. The rest will be done for you.